Qatari training facility becomes first government agency to adopt Australia's Future CEO program

by The CEO Institute |

AUSTRALIA (14 April 2016): Build a better executive training program and the world will beat a path to your door. That, at least, has been the experience of The CEO Institute as overseas training organisations and universities line up to license its innovative Future CEO program. The latest approach has come from the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) whose appointment constitutes the first quasi-government body to embrace the program and the fifth international licensee to be appointed in the last 12 months.

The Future CEO program is a blended model of facilitated and experiential learning in a supportive peer-to-peer environment. The focus is on real, everyday issues faced by experienced Executives as they work to develop their firms, their careers and their own sense of ability and worth, all under the guidance of a chairman-facilitator with both professorial credentials and business experience.

"The program is for individuals who are not satisfied with sitting still," said Dr. David Gilbert, Associate Professor at Melbourne's RMIT University and a Future CEO Chairman since 2012. "It invites members to present, discuss and problem-solve real world challenges and opportunities, in achieving optimal outcomes for their businesses and their careers."

In the process, members enjoy precious networking and business development opportunities as they learn and grow together. 

QFBA was established in 2009 under the auspices of the Qatar Financial Centre Authority as the only national institution specialising in finance related training and development services. Since then its influence has broadened to include sectors such as energy, telecommunications, transport and several state led initiatives. The Future CEO program will be positioned as an Elite International Certification and Membership program for senior managers and corporations looking to invest in leadership development. 

Reckoning that the Academy's adoption of the Future CEO program will raise the bar for chief executive capacities in Qatar, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Horr, CEO at QFBA, said:

"We're proud to be contributing positively to future business leaders and we are confident this program will provide them with the necessary learning tools and experiences to enhance their skills and influence their career paths. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for those aspiring to hold leading positions in their industry. QFBA's actions contribute majorly towards achieving the country's national 2030 vision with particular emphasis on Human Development to sustain a prosperous society."

QFBA is already in partnership with leading Qatar based universities. These partnerships will position QFBA for the assembly of an accomplished pool of Chairs with professorial qualifications and experience underpinned by an extensive commercial background. 

One of the key aspects that attracted QFBA to the Future CEO program is its adaptability to meet the specific needs of local business leaders. 

"Besides the Curriculum Framework prescribing 15 key subject areas that Chairmen use to develop focused meeting agendas, five core topics are specified annually for each region to deliver outcomes directly relevant to the local business environment," explained Esme Alfred, The CEO Institute's Global Manager - Certification & Licensing. "Development goals of members are taken into account in the preparation of the themed meetings as well as in the selection of respected guest speakers with particular experience and expertise in areas of relevance to the group." The university partnerships are relevant again for the supply of expert speakers with an academic background.

QFBA will position Future CEO as a unique certification program, targeting corporations eager to invest in their senior leadership. After attending 15 full-day meetings, eligible Future CEO members will be awarded Provisional Certification as a Certified CEO, conferred by The CEO Institute in its capacity as the first global certification body for chief executives. 

"Certification lends credibility and support towards career progression, locally as well as internationally," said Ms. Alfred. "Having an independent entity verify your credentials as a CEO-in-waiting, and being able to use the post-nominal CCEO(prov), provides our Future CEO members with a valuable point of difference."

Ms. Alfred sees this and other licenses taken up in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates as important steps in helping emerging economies develop the skills to compete on the international stage. 

"The growing interest internationally shows the genuine thirst of business leaders for affordable and effective leadership development," said Ms. Alfred. "The fact that enquiries are coming from universities as well as private and government training organisations demonstrates just what a powerful and adaptable learning model the Future CEO program is."

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