Pathway To Perfecting Global Leadership - K-Pintar deploys the highly coveted Future CEO program in Malaysia

by The CEO Institute |

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 May 2015 - A leading Malaysian human capital development ions provider, K-Pintar Sdn Bhd, together with the world’s first global certification body for Chief Executive Officers, The CEO Institute, is proud to announce their collaboration to deploy the highly-valued Future CEO program in Malaysia.

The Future CEO program is a 15-month certification program providing a unique platform for senior executives and Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) business leaders to regularly engage through ‘mentored learning’. An experienced chairman-facilitator with professorial credentials and in-depth business know-how will be appointed to guide the programme participants through a mix of facilitated and experiential learning, in support of their professional and personal development as they prepare for their role as CEO.

“The Future CEO program provides a platform for business owners and senior executives of varying sectors to share their challenges and learn from each other’s experiences so they may become highly effective global business leaders,” says RA Thiagaraja, CEO of K-Pintar, adding that, “knowledge-sharing has indisputably been part of the pathway to progress, especially in the effective implementation of an organisation’s succession plan.”

What makes the program even more accessible to Malaysian business leaders is the support given by the Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), as the Future CEO program is fully HRDF claimable.

Ken Gunn, Chairman & CEO of The CEO Institute says: “I welcome the Malaysian Government’s funding support for the Future CEO program, emphasising their commitment to develop the capabilities of their people in leadership roles to gain competitive advantage in the APAC region”. Gunn added, “It is also very satisfying to know that the Future CEO program has won the Malaysian Government’s appreciation for the role it plays in their development strategy for leaders.”

K-Pintar initially focused on providing soft skills training when it first started 13 years ago, but soon began creating and offering certification programs. “We realised that employers require more than just intelligence in their workforce - they need employees who are properly certified with specific skills,” explained Thiagaraja. As the concept of effective leadership began gaining traction over the years, K-Pintar set up its Centre for Executive Development in 2012 with a focus on certification courses in Executive Education and Coaching, which has now led to its collaboration with The CEO Institute.

“K-Pintar was the second organisation in the APAC Region to be granted a licence for the Future CEO program, and the first to secure Government funding for the program’s participants. Well done K-Pintar!”  added Gunn, who went on to say, “This positive outcome demonstrates their commitment, and reinforces our faith in their professional expertise to deliver the Future CEO program in Malaysia.”


Time for Collaborative Leadership

As technology and information access changes the way business is done, collaborative leadership is a crucial requirement. “Management theories and practices that focus on business leaders delivering results across organisational boundaries through community sharing makes for a positive community impact,” says Thiagaraja. He continues, “Therein lies the urgent need for more effective and widespread collaborative leadership, one that can take Malaysia into its vision of becoming a high income nation by 2020.”  

He added that The CEO Institute offers the finest manifesto in cementing the basic concepts of collaborative leadership today, involving the need for talent development and more importantly, succession planning.

“I look to the future with great anticipation for the continuing advancement of leadership expertise in Malaysia, and to the further deepening of our relationship with K-Pintar in delivering the Future CEO program to senior managers in Malaysia,” says Gunn.


CEOs Want Executive Coaching… And Need Its Benefits

According to an Executive Coaching Survey conducted in 2013 by Stanford Graduate School of Business (Centre for Leadership Development Research), Stanford University (Rock Centre for Corporate Governance), and The Miles Group (Talent Strategies for World-Class Performance), polling over 200 CEOs, including board of directors and senior executives of North American public and private companies, 66% confirm that they don’t receive coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants, although 100% say they would be receptive to making changes when given feedback.

The Harvard Business Review recently published findings of a two-year inquiry into an emerging way in which new CEOs in large organisations gain access to seasoned counsel and feedback. Conducted by leading academics from England’s Cranfield University and Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics, it found dozens of executives who were accelerating their learning by engaging the services of high-profile veteran leaders from outside their companies. Of the 45 CEOs surveyed, 71% said they were certain that company performance had improved as a result. Strong majorities reported that they were making better decisions (69%) and more capably fulfilling stakeholder expectations (76%). More than anything else, these CEOs credited their experiential learning with helping them avoid costly mistakes and become proficient in their roles faster (84%).

With outcomes like these resulting from the experiential learning model - the model the Future CEO program employs - and the overwhelming number of willing CEOs, the future of leadership in Malaysia looks bright





Since our inception in 2002, our focus has been to provide Relevant Training as an essential element in our programs to develop a workforce that is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but one that is also flexible, adaptable and able to grow with rapid changes in the market. Our core programmes cover four main areas in Executive Development, Professional Certification, SME Enhancement and Graduate Capability Development.

Identifying these areas of high relevance, we are gratified to have partnered with The CEO Institute, as well as various prestigious industry experts including Cranfield University, SAP, PROSCI, International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), EXIN, EMC² for Big Data Certification, Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), and Kaplan.

K-Pintar is recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources and has garnered the Human Resources Minister Award (Training Provider Category) in 2013, with support from various agencies within the ministry to fulfil our aspirations and core deliverables. We are also Class A Licensed by Malaysian Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).


The CEO Institute was founded in 1992 as a peer-to-peer membership organisation for Chief Executives to connect with their peers and learn from them. With more than 1,000 members, we are Australia’s leading executive membership organisation for CEOs and senior executives. In 2011, we became the world’s first global certification body for CEOs. And in 2013, were the first Australian business to partner with UNESCO in support of the “Malala Fund for Girls' Right to Education”, which echoes our values of professional development and personal growth.

Our flagship CEO Syndicate program is an exclusive peer support network for CEOs and business leaders that offers experiential learning and mutual group mentoring. The first meeting of The CEO Syndicate program was held in Melbourne in June 1992. After establishing its reputation in Melbourne, The CEO Institute opened in Adelaide in 1996 and established itself in Sydney and Brisbane in 1997, with the Perth office launching in 2007. In 2015 the New Zealand office was opened in Auckland.

The Future CEO program is a certification course designed by the business leaders of today for the business leaders of tomorrow. It is a proven path to success that equips participants with the knowledge, skills and contacts needed to take over the reins. In 2014, the Future CEO Scholarship fund of AUD$125,000 was established for women seeking to develop their leadership skills in business, and in early 2015, the first scholarship winners were announced.


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