Now is not the time for perfection. We need to be agile and adaptive so we can make strong decisions in these challenging times. We want to protect our members and community so we are working on the best solutions to continue to support our members. It's times like these where collaboration has never been more invaluable.



How to drive business growth in a crisis: Sue Barrett, Sustainable Sales & Business Growth Expert  and her team created the online Rapid Sales Recovery Program (RSR) designed to help businesses, including SMEs, review and develop their own Sales & Business Growth Recovery Plans in a crisis. It delivers specific online education content (videos, podcasts, etc.) plus templates, tools, and resources available 24/7. For additional advice and support you can always contact Sue at or (+61) 3 9533 0000 or you can:

The Occupational COVID-19 Workplace Training Scheme is designed to provide your staff, stakeholders and customers confidence in your business operations. The 40-minute program ensures that team members are well-informed and trained in best practices to limit the risk of transmitting infectious diseases such as the coronavirus. Scheme engagement certificates and wearable badges, embedded with QR technology, provide your customers with the reassurances that your company is up-to-date with training and is a safe place to do business.

Designed by health professionals and industry experts, the program has been launched by member Michael Woods (Syndicate 58) in partnership with DeakinCo., part of Deakin University, and Ai Group.

DeakinCo. are pleased to offer The CEO Institute's extended network a 10% saving on the training - use code ceoi_referral_2020 on sign up. Current members, please sign in to the members section to secure an exclusive 25% discount. For more information visit:


Complimentary On-Call Internal & External Crisis Communication Support

Tony Nicholls (Syndicate 11) and his team at Good Talent Media are here to offer advice, guidance, recommendations and strategy input to all our members.

Crisis Media Hotline - 1300 258 995

Members of The CEO Institute also get 3 months full access to Good Talent Media's Crisis Communications Planning and Training Portal to help your business during the COVID-19 crisis.

Click HERE to login and you will find a link to the portal on your Member Dashboard.

Alan Miltz and his team at Cash Flow Story are passionate and ready to assist our members during these turbulent times. Alan has dedicated the past 30 years to develop techniques to help companies improve their profit, cash and value. His Cash Flow Story software includes the Power of One process for doing quick what/if scenarios to stress test your cash flow. Members of The CEO Institute can receive an exclusive $200 discount off the normal pricing of $1,200 per annum and have their financials loaded into Cash Flow Story so they can hit the ground running.

Click HERE to login and you will find a link to the software on your Member Dashboard.

Ron Lesh (Syndicate 5) and his team at BGL Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd have developed GuestTrack - a new FREE Browser-Based Application to help businesses collect and store data of customers entering their premises. It makes it really easy for businesses to meet their obligations in a COVID-19 environment as well as providing customers with an outstanding customer experience. To reopen, many businesses may be required to collect and store customer, employee and contractor information, including name, email and mobile number. This information will help authorities trace any COVID-19 infections if they occur.  

Daniel Afonso (Syndicate 61) and his team at NPM provide the best in class workplace refurbishments, end-of-lease make good, workplace design and construct solutions. Members who are looking to upscale or downscale their business with specialised workplace design and construction solutions, NPM is offering a free consultation - email or find Daniel in the Members Directory.

For more information about NPM, visit

Mark Cameron (Syndicate 3) with his team at W3.Digital and a few of their partners have recently released a suite of automation tools to help business owners keep track of the physical and mental health of staff, and other stakeholders:

Protecting your business, employees & customer relationships during the COVID19 crisis & beyond

Peter Hunt (Syndicate 83) shares some straight forward tips for professional home video conferencing without spending a penny:

Straight forward tips for professional home video conferencing - Hewshott International

Kate Walawski (Partner | Employment & Workplace Relations, Murfett Legal), shares advice on considerations for employers:

Accessing Leave Entitlements and Stand Down: Considerations for Employers

Expert speaker Peter Bliss shares his advice on practising mindfulness and how to manage stress / emotions during these turbulent times:

Don't Expect to Stay Calm - Stay Connected!

WorkSafe Victoria has provided a guide for employers on OH&S considerations whilst working through a pandemic:

Preparing for a pandemic - A guide for employers

Here are some updates on how the Australian Government is supporting businesses to retain jobs and providing JobKeeper pay

For further information / latest updates, visit:

Bain & Company have developed an interactive diagnostic tool to help leaders assess the actions their business should consider in response to COVID-19:

Bain Private Equity Risk Assessment of COVID-19

Travis Thomas from Team Buffalo has put together a comprehensive guide on what leaders can do to adapt to mobilised workforces, rapid change and failing technology:

Emergency Guide: Leading Remote Work During Rapid Change

Expert Speaker and Strategic Business Mentor, John Downes, shares his insight on dealing with the impact of COVID-19 and what businesses need to do in a lockdown:

Setting your employees up to work from home? Here is a handy fact sheet that gives some good recommendations regarding cyber security and employees working from home:

Top 5 Steps to Securely Work from Home

Recently on Ticker TV, Black Belt Leader Karen Gately (Syndicate 3), discussed COVID-19 and its impact on businesses around Australia, and the right thing employers should do in a time of crisis. It's a scary time and leaders need to keep leading their teams to the best of their ability.

Karen unpacked the topic of executive education, and why leaders need to keep learning, and how crucial it is to business.

Big thanks to Glen Bartlett and Michael Stillwell (Syndicate Chair) for sharing their expertise.

View the full episode:

Paul Higgins (highly rated Syndicate speaker) is a futurist and veterinarian with experience in animal disease outbreaks and preparedness.

Using that experience, Paul has created a set of scenarios which look at what might happen over the next 18 months of the COVID-19 outbreak. The scenarios will be regularly updated.

You can access them at :

Watch explanatory videos:

For those who are seeking assistance with rent payments during the COVID-19 crisis, below is a template that you can utitlise:

Rent reduction request letter