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Chronic Tinnitus is a debilitating condition that affects 6-20% of adults worldwide and, in many cases, severely impacts quality of life. Despite its wide prevalence, current treatments for Tinnitus are extremely limited and rarely effective due to the subjective nature of this condition and its severity. It is impossible for doctors to gauge the effect of therapy objectively or provide a personalised treatment approach. There is an urgent need to have an objective, non-invasive and highly reliable diagnostic test for Tinnitus developed. Such an objective measure of Tinnitus will allow the effect of therapies to be assessed unambiguously, advance our understanding of the brain networks involved in Tinnitus, and provide novel ideas for Tinnitus treatments.

The Bionics Institute is currently seeking individuals with moderate - severe chronic Tinnitus to be involved as research participants. Also, individuals who do not experience Tinnitus are sought, as control participants. The research session will be arranged at a time that suits your convenience, and will take 1-2 hours which involves resting in a comfy chair while wearing the brain imaging cap. As part of the session, you will receive a free hearing test and be reimbursed for your travel expenses (Melbourne).

If you are interested to take part or would like to learn more, please fill in the form below or contact Nicola Horvath - / call 03 9667 7515.

About the Bionics Institute

The Bionics Institute is a world leading centre of medical bionics.

For more than 30 years, they have been creating, designing, evaluating, and improving bionic devices that interface with the human body to restore impaired sensory or other nervous system and bodily functions.

The Bionics Institute is recognised throughout the world as a centre of excellence in hearing research. It was founded by Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the now internationally renowned bionic ear (cochlear implant). Just as Professor Clark changed people's lives over 30 years ago with the invention of the cochlear implant, the vision of the Institute is to continue this legacy and invest in continued research that ensures hearing loss can be treated and overcome.

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