The power of peer support

The CEO Syndicate Program provides you with an exclusive peer support network of business leaders. Our program offers experiential learning and mutual group mentoring under the guidance of our knowledgeable chairmen. Through monthly meetings you, as a leader, will grow professionally and personally by collaborating and drawing upon the knowledge and experience of your peers.

Syndicate Chairman

Roger La Salle


Grant Norton


Alistair Murray

Chief Executive

Matthew Tice

Chief Executive

Lorraine Lea

Chief Executive

HTL Australia Pty Ltd

Managing Director

Deutz Australia

Managing Director

KS Environmental Group

Chief Executive

Education Services Australia

WA Members

The CEO Institute Summit - WA 2017

NSW Members

The CEO Institute Summit - NSW 2016

The right fit for you

Cohorts of about 16 CEOs, business owners and senior executives from non-competing organisations meet for a half day exchange that includes: issue discussion, problem solving, knowledge sharing, and mutual support. 

You can bring your challenges to the table; learn from the insight, ideas, and experience of your peers. Brainstorm together and create innovative solutions to the challenges experienced by the group.

To ensure you’re extracting value at the right level, you will be offered the opportunity to join a cohort  consisting of other members who are working at similar size (but non-competing) organisations. 

The following levels of membership criteria ensure your cohort members will typically fit with your industry type, depth of experience, interests, and potential to contribute to each other’s growth.

  • $100M+ - The Centurion Syndicate program
  • $10M+ - The Half Day 10 program
  • $2M+ - The Half Day program

What you can expect

A meeting agenda set by the members for the members: 

  • A members' update - a discussion of your business issues, accomplishments, resolutions
  • An expert speaker - to provide leading edge insight based on the group needs
  • An open forum - an opportunity to further discuss key topical issues and strategies


Fellows of The CEO Institute who have attended 55 CEO Syndicate meetings, with at least 5 years' experience as a Chief Executive Officer or equivalent, are automatically assessed for Certification and, are entitled to use the post nominal CCEO.

See the Certified CEO section for more details about certification.

Your next step

Are you a CEO or equivalent of an organisation with revenue in excess of $2M? Enquire about The CEO Syndicate Program below.

Not at that level yet? Enquire about our Future CEO program below.

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