Module 3: Critical Problem Solving in Progressive Enterprises

Critical Problem Solving in Progressive Enterprises examines the strategies, frameworks and tools required to facilitate effective decision-making.

Explore the complex interrelationship between emotion, stress and decision-making. Gain insight into the sorts of biases cognitive processes, coupled with context, can lead to when making judgements and decisions.

Reflect on how your individual personality, values, perception, and creativity play a vital role in critical problem solving and managerial decision-making.

Examine scientific management techniques, systems thinking, individual and group decision support systems and more...

Once you successfully complete this module you will be able to effectively combat problematic issues arising from organisational influences and make the critical decisions that count.


Module Overview


The complexity of the modern organisation necessitates innovative approaches to problem solving and more systems based analytical approach. This module presents strategies and tools to facilitate effective problem solving across this spectrum.

Strategies and tools range from management science techniques such as mathematical optimisation procedures, through to critical thinking and decision making frameworks. The module will enable reflection on the role of individual personality, values, perceptions, creativity, and cognition in problem solving.

It also looks at systems thinking and how this can contribute to decision making, problem solving, individual and organisational learning and behaviour as well as organisational culture. There will be a focus on communication, stakeholder engagement, and how individuals and organisations should respond to adverse incidents.

The following subject areas are studied in module 3:

  • Social Responsibility and Ethics
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Corporate Governance
  • Critical thinking


Course Content


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