Module 5: Capstone Project


This Capstone Module is designed to draw together the theoretical strands of the Certified CEO Program to enable candidates to demonstrate their understanding during the program, provide an opportunity to demonstrate creative thinking and complex problem-solving, and reflect on professional and ethical practice relevant to the project. 


Module Overview


After successful completion of all four modules in the program candidates are required to complete this final over-arching Capstone module. The Capstone unit is a vehicle through which candidates can demonstrate their understanding of the content of the four preceding units within the Certified CEO Program.

This is an assessment-only unit that is supported by individual executive coaching and a select number of key readings. It requires candidates to pursue an independent work-based project on an issue (a question, problem or challenge) of their choice which reflects a deep understanding of one or more study areas in the program. Candidates are strongly encouraged to choose an issue based on their academic work and professional experience. 

Candidates are able to progress through the Capstone Assessment tasks at their own pace, but it is estimated that the total workload required for this module is 150 hours. This would equate to approximately 12.5 hours per week over a 12 week period.


Course Content


Your next step

You have the option of enrolling in the Certified CEO program or choosing to pay for and complete the module most suitable for you.


When enrolling in the Certified CEO program you will be taken to the UNE Partnerships website.