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The CEO Institute and our program partner UNE Partnerships, the Education and Training Company of the University of New England are delighted to offer the Certified CEO program as an online certification course for today's and tomorrow's CEOs and senior managers… available globally, and without peer!


The Certified CEO program is designed for business leaders globally (CEOs and senior managers) and aspiring business leaders who are looking to build upon existing qualifications and business experience.

Certification designations available on successful program completion:

  • Full Certified CEO Certification for CEOs or equivalent position with 5+ years’ CEO experience. Full Certification comes with the right to be called a Certified CEO and use the post nominal CCEO
  • Provisional Certified CEO Certification for Senior Managers with 3+ years’ senior management experience. Provisional Certification comes with the right to use the post nominal CCEO(prov).

Certification designation available on completing Modules 1 & 3 of the program: 

  • Full Certified Manager Certification for Middle Managers with 3 years’ management experience. This comes with the right to be called a Certified Manager and use the post nominal CertM.

N.B: Provisional Certification also applies to Chief Executive Officers or equivalent positions with less than five years’ experience.

CEOs are defined as Chief Executives or their equivalent, from medium and large organisations.  Senior Managers are defined as any manager from a medium and large organisation, or the Chief Executive or their equivalent from a small organisation.

Middle Managers include Team Leaders and equivalent positions.

If you hold an accredited MBA or Master’s degree, you may be eligible for Certification after completing only two of the program modules listed below. Contact us for further information to assess your eligibility.

Membership Benefits

Associate Member status of The CEO Institute, and the right to use the post nominal AMCEOI.


"As part of my personal development plan and to improve my executive leadership presence, I searched for a training program to support this goal. I found the online Certified CEO program.
Two factors drove my enrolment: the flexibility of the program based on the 4 modules offered within the program structure, and how closely the 15 subject areas underpinning the modules, resonated with me. 
The flexibility to initially test my knowledge of the subject before going through the materials, provided tremendous benefit for my understanding of the subject matter and where to focus my efforts. I have really enjoyed the fast track option. The subject areas are key in supporting current business needs in this fourth industrial revolution era. The program is very  easy to navigate and I have not needed student support."

Mark Egbedeyi-Emmanuel, P.Eng, RGDP, C.Dir, FIIDM
District Manager
Union Gas Limited | An Enbridge Company


"The Certified CEO program offered by The CEO Institute is a great opportunity to acknowledge the gained experiences and proficiencies in leadership management through a worldwide recognised certification. The CEO Certification can be accomplished through different routes. I have selected the Certified CEO program through a fast-track option eligibility by completing the modules 'Strategy and Agility for the 21st Century' and 'Executive Leadership in Dynamic Environments'.
This program is fully delivered online through UNE Partnerships, the Education and Training Company of the University of New England giving me the maximum flexibility to study from abroad and whenever it fits into my schedule. Through the complete certification process I was supported by a very experienced direct contact person with short response time assisting me on all my specific questions.
The Certified CEO program gave me a great opportunity to apply and further strengthen my leadership skills. With the gained experiences and this certification I'm well prepared for a career as a future CEO".

Athanasios Itsos, CM® CCEO(prov) CEP®
Lead Cost Engineer
EUR ING, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.

Program Structure

The Certified CEO program is delivered online, and consists of five modules including a practical Capstone Project. The four initial modules leveraging contemporary resources from the University of New England and leading business journals ensure the Certified CEO program reflects emerging global best practice. The final module (Capstone Project) will provide an opportunity to work with an executive coach to apply everything you have learned to your workplace. The program’s duration is approximately 300 hours of study, which can be undertaken at your own pace over 12 months.

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UNE Partnerships and the University of New England

UNE is a regionally based, globally networked university that is renowned for the quality of its student experience, the excellence of its research, its commitment to innovation and inclusivity and its responsiveness to the aspirations of its students, staff, partners, and the New England community.

UNE Partnerships is the Education and Training Company of the University of New England. With an extensive history of industry leading innovation in the provision of online learning, UNE Partnerships is pleased to offer its expertise in online learning platforms, systems and knowledge in the delivery of the Certified CEO program alongside the University of New England and The CEO Institute.

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When enrolling in the Certified CEO program you will be taken to the UNE Partnerships website.