Mad Max 'Trimming the Fat' with Mighty Mouse


Mel Gibson, the star of such movies as Mad Max and Braveheart, will not any time soon be 'trimming the fat' (Urban Dictionary for 'cutting off communication') with Samantha (Sam) Jackson, or Mighty Mouse as he calls her. But Sam is certainly helping Mel trim his fat in the literal sense. She is his personal health coach. They FaceTime or Zoom every week. 

Sam, from Perth in Western Australia, is a Celebrity Transformation Coach and Keynote Speaker. She is "a powerhouse Health Coach, having transformed the lives of hundreds of people. Using the Zen Project 8 system, Sam coaches in Nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing to increase your energy, build lean mass and balance your blood sugar so you naturally reduce body fat".

She offers three Health and Vitality Packages, appropriately named:

  1. Thrive 4 Life Group Coaching
  2. Brave of Heart
  3. Lethal as a Weapon

Sam has a background in corporate health and health insurance. Until three years ago, she was the CEO of a health company in Western Australia. At the age of 15, she faced her "own mortality" - she contracted glandular fever, which resulted in complete liver failure. This inspired her to embrace "health evangelism" - the passion to reach out and endeavour to help others. Three years ago, while backpacking with her husband, Martin, around New York and Canada, she suddenly said to him "You know, I don't think I want to go back to being a CEO of another company, I think I would like to start my own business".  Fortunately for Sam, she has an understanding and supportive husband who said, "Then go for it" (her husband last year even resigned his then executive position with another company, and became Sam's Operations Manager. As they had done previously, they again now work brilliantly as a team).

Apart from her early personal health challenge at the age of 15, Sam (and her husband) had to overcome the challenge of Sam relinquishing her extremely well paid salary as CEO of another company to start her own business from scratch with no initial income. She had to establish a "point of difference" as there were many others already operating in her chosen industry. She had to get people to trust her, as she was new.

"Obstacles don't block your path, they ARE your path."

In terms of growth, Sam learned to appreciate diversifying as how to attract clients or business. She learned how to balance her role as Health Coach and her role as Keynote Speaker. With regard to the latter, she recalls how she attended a seminar in Perth conducted by Allan Pease, the International Body Language Expert and Best Selling Author. Allan, on very short notice, invited her up onto the stage to speak on the subject of "Healthy Mind / Healthy Body", which helped her realise she really could be a Keynote Speaker. And so, to recapitulate, Sam says that to aid in growth, she believes in "diversifying in how you present yourself", and "finding someone to back you", in her case, early on, Allan Pease.

Sam actually joined The CEO Institute approximately four years ago when she was still the CEO of another large health company in Western Australia. And since commencing her own business, she has found her membership of The CEO Institute to be invaluable. While trying to find her feet in speaking or coaching, she treasured the ideas, feedback, support, camaraderie, and just company (especially that of Steve Stanley whom Sam describes as her "godsend in Western Australia"). She views The CEO Institute as a team of peers; and because of her attendance at the monthly breakfasts and networking, she was enabled to feel that she was not on her own in her business.

Actual awards in Sam's industry are not widespread. For Sam, awards and rewards have been the securing of clients such heavy weights as Wall Street Bankers, a Primetime Radio DJ in New York, and other celebrities. Mel Gibson incidentally said to Sam that he has never officially endorsed anyone or any product, but on Sam's website, there is a video of Mel singing Sam's praises - "What I want is for you to do what you do best, because that enables me to do what I do best - which is make good movies!"

So how did Mighty Mouse meet Mad Max? In June 2018, Sam and her husband went to Sydney for a speaking engagement. It transpired that apparently Mel was staying in the same hotel. They were sitting at adjoining tables in the restaurant and got talking. Mel complained in general conversation about his 'spare tyre', not knowing that Sam was a Health Coach. Sam responded saying she could help him to get rid of it in eight weeks, and they exchanged telephone numbers. Sam thinking that she would never hear from Mel again, three days later, received a text from him asking her what she was going to do about his gut; thus began an amazing working relationship. Mel lost 14kg and 27cm around his belly in eight weeks. And not by eating less, but by eating differently, and exercising. Sam's business has really taken off so well in Australia that she has had to ask Mel to temporarily stop spruiking her!

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