Conventional Process is the Doorway to Decay

Michael Partis is a self-described Adventurer and Collabor8er from Brisbane.

His motto is "Conventional process is the doorway to decay".

A strong believer in "taking educated risks", he bemoans the fact that "risk" is a dirty word for Australian businesses.

Michael's background is more diverse than most. He started his career as a Store Detective before moving into high school teaching. From there he moved into Finance where he has held a range of leadership roles in different parts of the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector. For the last 10 years, his flagship Collabor8.Consulting Pty Ltd (C8) "specialises in identifying and embedding the behaviour change required to successfully execute strategic and operating plans".

Due to the sensitive nature of their work, C8's often highly-regulated clients generally prefer to keep their commissions confidential. That doesn't stop them from generating 100% of their new business via referral.

Having achieved sustainable growth internationally, Michael is turning back to Australia and New Zealand for medium-term expansion. This is - in part - to work more conventional business hours rather than liaising with and influencing his overseas based team(s) in the middle of the night.

The questions C8 addresses about a business are simple:

  1. WHAT is the value the business delivers?
  2. HOW is that value delivered to clients and stakeholders?
  3. Which COMBINATIONS of these WHAT and HOWs are most productive for the business' objectives?

The questions it addresses about behaviour within a business are:

  1. What specific behaviours do the business' stakeholders observe that they want to move away FROM?
  2. What specific behaviours do they want to observe that they will move TOWARD?

Michael's second creation, Wealth Monsta Pty Ltd (WM), is still in its infancy.

"WM re-imagines financial literacy education by making the process fun, easy and unintentional. It combines a range of learning techniques with different personality profiles, engaging graphics, music and deeply-embedded comedy. WM is a game that delivers both an environment conducive to learning about the broader financial system as well as a platform for conducting true, double-blind, behavioural science experiments in a safe and ethical way. As the only experiential, micro-learning product about the financial system available globally, it will revolutionise how communities learn about finance and provide deep insight into the way individuals and communities learn about intangible concepts."

Nearing MVP, WM has sparked interest in three continents and by his own admission, keeping a tight rein on releasing a true “MVP” has proven challenging.

The third creation of Michael's, (2530 being the length in kilometres of Australia’s longest river, the Murray) is also in its infancy.

"2530 is a business dedicated to providing first responders - military and civilian - with the two terms not afforded them in their professional lives: time and space. From the moment of their induction, they are trained to deny their individuality and perform as a team to protect the communities they represent from the ‘events’ they ultimately experience. Once their service ends, they are asked to do what no one can reasonably expect; to debrief on command and re-integrate with their communities."

Michael and his team at 2530 "understand that re-discovering individuality takes time. Finding your own voice to describe some of what you’ve experienced takes space. Re-connecting with your family, friends and community takes both. On Australia's longest river, we help first responders find themselves."

The role of The CEO Institute in Michael’s life is the vital one of helping provide Australian context and camaraderie with some of Australia’s most respected senior executives.

Challenges that Michael has faced and striven to overcome with the assistance of The CEO Institute include:


  • Australia's extreme conservatism when it comes to Risk appetite
  • The general lack of accountability to outcomes that accompanies the "cult of personality"


  • Maintaining an appropriate work-life balance

Michael's achievements include:


  • Building businesses from scratch, mostly overseas
  • Taking those learnings and disciplines and applying them to new ventures
  • Surviving a series of coordinated and malicious cyber-attacks and frauds that at one point, destroyed the entire revenue pipeline


  • His kayaking adventures: The length of the Murray River (2018), North polar region (2009), South polar region (2004)

No doubt Michael would advocate "Advencha before Dementia".

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