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Ancient Grains, Modern Beers
TWØBAYS Brewing Co

Richard Jeffares (Syndicate 3), Founder of TWØBAYS, thought he could never enjoy another beer after being diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2015. But a trip to the US led to him opening the first gluten free brewery in Australia.

The Key To Innovation Is People, Not Technology
Kim Trajer - COO, McCullough Robertson Lawyers

Drive Asset Performance
John Downes - Strategic Mentor, Acorro


Mindsets & Practices for High Performing Leaders
National Wine Centre
ADELAIDE, Friday 31 January

The Westin Brisbane
BRISBANE, Friday 31 January

Crown Towers
PERTH, Wednesday 5 February

Future Intelligence
Leonda By The Yarra
MELBOURNE, Thursday 6 February

The Ripple Effect - Leaders Making Waves
Hyatt Regency
SYDNEY, Friday 7 February

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Minimising Variation - The First Step to Saving a Fortune
Darrell Hardidge - Founder / CEO, Saguity

In your own experiences as a client, how often can you really say you have had a 10/10 experience with a company?

A Fitting Way to Build a Business
Michael Casablanca - CEO, Woodland Shopfitting

In 1992, Michael joined Woodland Shopfitting as a first year tradesman. He learned the business from bottom to top, and when the opportunity came in 2004 to buy the company, he grabbed it with both hands. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hot-desking / Activity-based workplace - A thing of the past?

Does hot-desking / ABW really encourage collaboration?

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How To Use Storytelling As Your Secret Weapon
Emma Bannister

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