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Lessons From The Past, Thoughts For The Future
Mark Schultz - VIC Syndicate Chair

During his 25+ years of business consulting in Melbourne and regional Australia, Mark Schultz has worked across a diverse range of sectors and regions.

As a Chair, Mark has witnessed the shift in mindset of business leaders and as a business owner, he successfully navigated the GFC with strong critical analysis and relationships.

Crisis is the New Normal: 4 Reasons Post COVID-19 We’re Never Returning to Normal

Tony Nicholls - Director and Principal Consultant, Good Talent Media

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To ensure the safety of our members, staff and community, our monthly meetings will move to virtual Zoom meetings.

Your State / Country offices and Chairs will be in touch with meeting information.

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These Boots Are Made For Walking
Lyudmila Fishman - Co Founder & Director,  Ugg Australia

In 1980, Lyudmila and Roman Fishman arrived in Australia from the Ukraine with two children and a sewing machine.

Minimising Variation - The First Step to Saving a Fortune
Darrell Hardidge - Founder / CEO, Saguity

In your own experiences as a client, how often can you really say you have had a 10/10 experience with a company?

Hot-desking / Activity-based workplace - A thing of the past?

Does hot-desking / ABW really encourage collaboration?

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