Ten Messages of Supportive Leadership

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John Downes

Strategic Mentor, Acorro

Ten Messages of Supportive Leadership

Are your millennials self-obsessed and needy?

Are you seeing a rise in workplace stress and mental health issues?

Do you sometimes feel that leading and employing is all about what’s in it for everyone else?

Well, these are the same questions leaders were asking back in 1908.

This video takes you through the Ten Messages of Supportive Leadership that can help you develop a cohesive, productive and supportive culture in your organisation that just might have a significant impact on:

  • your operating performance
  • increasing your exit value; and
  • your overall lifestyle

Consider these messages when you recruit, delegate, empower, evaluate, dismiss and relate to people.

Download the Ten Messages of Supportive Leadership Summary and decide your critical few next actions.

Based on 25+ years of management consulting experience in Australia, England and the United States of America as a former Partner in Deloitte, John helps business owners and CEOs set their direction, plan how to get there and then help them to achieve their goals and stay true to their visions and aspirations. His ultimate professional pleasure and fulfillment is their growth and achievement. Visit http://acorro.com.au.