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John Downes

Strategic Mentor, Acorro

OPV Lever 4 - Support People Performance

Support People Performance

Can you go overseas for a well earned, two month holiday, knowing your business will thrive?

Do you and your team feel they are flourishing at work?

Are all of your team members self-directed, effective, problem solvers?

The key to creating a successful organisation is providing an environment where you and your people can thrive, strive, self-direct and enjoy their achievements and growth.

The two groups of factors that help support your people's performance are:

1. Having a solid Organisation Leadership and Support team with appropriate leadership skills that:

  • Defines the organisation's needs (i.e. the right people on the bus in the right seats)
  • Is a role model of the behaviours of the desired culture
  • Communicates expectations and standards effectively to employees

2. Optimising Team Performance by attracting, recruiting, managing, training, and retaining staff whilst also, assessing, appreciating and encouraging the required performance. This needs to be supported by the right enabling IT systems, processes and policies, fair working environment and communications.

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