Innovate Or Perish - The Why, The How And The Where!

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Roger La Salle

Principal & Founder, Innovation Training

Introduction - What Is Innovation?

Innovate Or Perish - The Why, The How And The Where!

Introduction - What is Innovation?

There is little doubt that with the speed that technology development enabled by rapid prototyping, speed of communications and intense competition that businesses always need to be looking for new products and new ways of doing business. In fact there is clear statistical evidence that business failures are closely related to a failure to innovate and further, the time horizon to these failures is reducing every year.

Innovation Training (Matrix Thinking) was founded in 1999 by Roger La Salle, a qualified Professional Engineer and Business and Marketing Graduate who has been passionate about innovation. Roger is known the world over for his innovation teachings, IP and product development. He has delivered breakthrough outcomes in every imaginable industry including Technology, Research, Banking, Insurance, Polymers chemistry, Food, Packaging, Telecoms, Safety and even Aviation.