CEOs: How to get the most out of LinkedIn - from someone who really knows

by Yvonne Howie, Chief Executive - NSW | |   Business IT
CEOs: How to get the most out of LinkedIn

Question: Do you have a LinkedIn profile? And are you proud of it? With 95% uptake among professionals, and over eight million users in Australia alone, the vast majority of professionals have a profile.

Whether we're proud of that profile or not, is another crucial question. Clifford Rosenberg, MD of LinkedIn in Australia, NZ and South East Asia has heard all the excuses behind poor profiles. He spoke with members of The CEO Institute recently in Sydney.

Clifford's LinkedIn advice:

  1. Get your profile to a point where you're proud of it

    Too busy; don't know what to write; it's not worth the time? Mr. Rosenberg said those excuses are common.

    His firm advice is that if your profile isn't up to scratch, "go home delete it and leave the platform". If you're going to have a LinkedIn profile, he says, you owe it to yourself to put your best foot forward. Polish your profile until it's a point of pride.

    It's particularly important for CEOs and executives to strive for excellence, because in the LinkedIn environment it's difficult to separate you from your workplace. On LinkedIn you're very much representing your organisation. You're not only communicating to key stakeholders like potential customers, you're talking to your existing staff and potential recruits.

  2. Blog and contribute

    Blogging gets you noticed and builds a more nuanced and layered understanding of you and your organisation.

    It can be hard at the start, but over time blogging gets easier. And as a way of spreading your messages, it's worth the effort. Keep it succinct, as most blogs will be read on mobiles.

    Make sure you get the context right - LinkedIn is no place for photos of cats and babies! - but it can still be a place to show some personality. 

    Clifford's own profile has a mix of articles on a range of themes, some illustrating his passions outside of work ,others are a tad more serious and pertinent to his business, such as Brain drain stifling Australian innovation. Combined with 15 other blogs, his posts give an insight into Clifford as a person and a professional.

  3. Leverage the talent search facilities

    Originally, LinkedIn was largely a recruitment tool. And connecting organisations with talent still constitutes 60% of its revenue. The LinkedIn folks know their recruitment!

    As senior leaders, according to Mr. Rosenberg, The CEO Institute members could be wise to consider bringing talent search in-house. After all, LinkedIn is a key tool for most recruitment agencies anyway. LinkedIn Recruiter is a sophisticated app that enables you to scour LinkedIn profiles through highly targeted searches. Those talent searches and shortlists can be saved and shared among a team. It can be an economical way of finding the perfect talent.

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