Banishing Bullying From The Top - Introduction

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Karen Gately

Director, Ryan Gately

Banishing Bullying From The Top - Introduction

Banishing Bullying From The Top: The Critical Role Leaders Play

If you have experienced or witnessed bullying in the workplace you are probably already aware of the devastating impact verbal and psychological abuse can have.  All too often I meet people whose health, wellbeing, engagement or job performance have been impacted by the behaviour of bullies.
Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are mental health challenges common among people who have been bullied at work.  Impaired concentration or ability to make decisions, loss of self-esteem and confidence are also commonly reported ways in which victims of bullying are affected.

Driving bullying from any workplace is critical to enabling a team and business to thrive.  The strength of a team’s spirit and performance is unquestionably undermined when bullying behaviour is allowed. These very real and serious consequences make it a matter of moral and legal obligation that leaders do everything in their power to protect people from bullying.

Welcome to this video series where we will explore what bullying is and how to tackle it.

Karen Gately is an executive advisor on human performance and leadership. Her approach is heavily influenced by the 25 years she spent training and teaching karate and as a 3rd dan black belt she can be very persuasive when she needs to be!