Executive Education & Coaching

Executive education

Executive education often refers to academic programs at a graduate level that can lead to certification. Customised executive programs can also help individuals achieve executive education and may offer personalised executive coaching.

Personalised executive training programs represent the fastest growing segment of executive education. These programs help organisations improve the quality of their management by combining the science of experiential learning and executive coaching into specialised programs that enable executives to develop new knowledge, skills and attitudes.  

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Executive coaching programs

The CEO Institute offers members the opportunity to work within coaching groups to discuss their ideas, problems and solutions in a supportive environment.

Each executive coaching group is chaired by a highly-qualified chairman-facilitator with both professorial credentials and business experience. Meetings are held monthly and typically involve members’ issues, expert speakers and peer-to-peer discussion about matters affecting each other.

Executive education at The CEO Institute

The CEO Institute's Future CEO program involves meeting in mastermind groups with a selection of your peers and an experienced chairman-facilitator with professorial credentials and business experience. Monthly meeting usually cover expert speakers and group discussions regarding an individual’s issues and matters that affect the members.