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    The Gold Standard In Business Leadership



The CEO Institute is the first global certification body for CEOs, Senior Managers and Middle Managers, recognising excellence in business leadership.

The CEO Institute's certification designations are a mark of distinction and respect, and recognise excellence in business leadership. Certification sets the gold standard for acknowledging professional qualifications, assessed on business education, work experience, and a commitment to continuing professional development.

Currently, CCEO is a registered Certification Trade Mark in Australia, NZ, USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, and South Africa.


The Journey of the first Future CEO cohort facilitated by Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) graduating with provisional certification.

At The CEO Institute we understand the 'one size fits all' approach to certification doesn't work. We more than anyone understand the CEO journey, and accordingly we recognise 3 levels of certification, to award the most appropriate certification designation to reflect your career circumstances.

Certification designations and management experience requirements

  • Full Certified CEO Certification for CEOs or equivalent position with 5+ years’ CEO experience. Full Certification comes with the right to be called a Certified CEO and use the post nominal CCEO.
  • Provisional Certified CEO Certification for Senior Managers with 3+ years’ senior management experience. Provisional Certification comes with the right to use the post nominal CCEO(prov).
  • Full Certified Manager Certification for Middle Managers with 3 years’ management experience. This comes with the right to be called a Certified Manager and use the post nominal CertM.

N.B: Provisional Certification also applies to Chief Executive Officers or equivalent positions with less than five years’ experience.

CEOs are defined as Chief Executives or their equivalent, from medium and large organisations.  Senior Managers are defined as any manager from a medium and large organisation, or the Chief Executive or their equivalent from a small organisation.

Middle Managers include Team Leaders and equivalent positions.


Certification - Privileges and benefits


  • Competitive advantage - sets you apart from your peers, especially when pursuing those highly sought-after leadership positions.
  • Impressive credentials - a professional designation (CCEO, CCEO(prov), or CertM) with global recognition of your business education and work experience capabilities.
  • Knowledge resource - access to the vast online business resources of www.iidmglobal.com to support your continuing professional development.


The International Institute of Directors and Managers

A subscription to the International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM) is a requirement under the Rules for Certification for achieving and maintaining certification. This subscription is complimentary for the first 12 months (in certain cases this subscription costs USD1 for the first 12 months), and thereafter the annual subscription fee applies (currently USD99 p.a.). Members of The CEO Syndicate and Future CEO programs, receive a complimentary subscription to IIDM.

Platform fundamentals supporting the Certification designations

  • Commitment to undertake continuous professional development through a subscription to the vast online resources of www.iidmglobal.com.
  • Commitment to act ethically and honestly in accordance with the laws covering business and corporations.
  • Proof of business education achievements appropriate to the certification designation awarded.
  • Proven track record in management and / or leadership capabilities appropriate to the certification designation awarded.
  • Triennial audit of continuous professional development requirements and use of post nominals.

Number of certification designations awarded globally


Educational Pathways to Certification

Recognising we all have different circumstances and needs, The CEO Institute offers a range of educational pathways, consisting of certification programs catering for CEOs, Senior Managers and Middle Managers world-wide.

We have our own range of face to face, virtual and online program options, as well as approved MBAs and Government-recognised Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses delivered by Universities and Business Schools. Whilst our face to face programs aren’t available in every location, our virtual and online programs are available globally.

Most countries have Universities and Business Schools delivering an approved MBA as a recognised Certification Course. Look for our Global Certification Seal authorising formal recognition of an Approved MBA.

Your next step

Enquire today to learn which pathway is most suitable for you and to learn which certification designation you are entitled to receive.


CCEO General

CCEO General


CCEO is a registered Certification Trade Mark of The CEO Institute.

The Rules for Certification, approved by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), set out the requirements for the approval of applicants as well as the standards of knowledge, experience and ongoing professional development that must be met in order to obtain the Certified CEO designation and use the post nominal. The ACCC, in approving the Rules for Certification, determined that they were satisfied that The CEO Institute demonstrates the attributes necessary to competently undertake the certification role in respect of the Certification Trade Mark.

For information on the Rules for Certification view here.