Climbing the path to personal success

by Steve Stanley | |   Personal Success
Climbing the path to personal success

The CEO Institute in WA has a team training to tackle the Kokoda Track in August. The group of nine participants completes individual fitness training and meets every Sunday morning for a group session. There is a real push to build up endurance and strength so that we can enjoy the walk and experience Kokoda, building on the team experience, rather than focusing on it as being arduous and a battle to finish.

The nine of us are all participating for a variety of different reasons.  For some, it is simply the challenge of completing one of the great trails of the world, for others, there are connections to the Kokoda Track through family members or friends of family who served in this battle during World War II.  

I was fortunate enough to be the Commanding Officer of 16 Royal Western Australia Regiment, which carries the battle honours of the 2/16th who fought so gallantly and lost so many good men on Kokoda.  For me, it has been a ‘must do’, and now the time is right to complete what my heart tells me I need to do. 

We all know it will be a difficult walk, and there will be many emotions experienced throughout the trail.  There will be times at memorials and battle sites when we will all shed a tear in remembering and imaging what other went through in fighting to preserve Australia.

While we know these experiences are to come, it is a fun time preparing and we are becoming closer each week.  There is no doubt we will be a close group for life after undertaking this together.  In many ways, it symbolises what The CEO Institute is about - making connections that enhance individuals’ working and personal lives in positive ways.

More to come about our preparations and journey.


Steve Stanley
Director - WA

Steve began his career in education which culminated in him becoming the CEO of the Centre for Professional Excellence in Teaching, providing professional development to WA’s 30,000 teachers.

His career in the Australian Army Reserve ran parallel and he retired as a Colonel having commanded the 16th Royal Western Australia Regiment. 
Steve is now the director of 6 companies.

He consults to business and sport in the areas of leadership and reaching human and corporate potential. In his consulting role he has worked with the coaches and players of the West Coast Eagles since 2005, and the Club has finished second and first in that time.



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