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The CEO Syndicate Program

The CEO Syndicate Program provides CEOs and equivalents with an exclusive peer support network. Find out more about the program structure and benefits by clicking here.

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Future CEO Program

The Future CEO program is a certification course for senior managers. Find out more about the program structure and benefits by clicking here.

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"My membership of The CEO Institute gives me a well based understanding of management practices. Liaising with very successful CEOs and Directors using cutting edge techniques allows me to provide high quality client input." - Member, Queensland

"The CEO Institute brings together a lot of experienced minds and expertise from many different backgrounds. The opportunity to bounce ideas off members in a confidential environment is absolutely invaluable, even more so in present times." - Member, South Australia

"I have received great benefit from The CEO Institute meetings because of the new light that is applied to issues and strategies by successful people with a wide range of business experience. The value far exceeds the cost." - Member, Queensland

"The CEO Syndicate offers me a regular forum in which I can confidentially share the business, employee or financial issues with people in like minded positions. Together with the monthly guest speaker program it has proven a valuable resource over many years." - Member, Victoria

"It is a very supportive environment to share business problems - to have a range of perspectives and experience to draw on is invaluable. No issue too big or too small. I always take away useful information and personal advice that supports my development as a manger or helps me consider ways to improve business outcomes. Developing positive networks is also very important to me both personally and professionally." - Member, South Australia

"The opportunity to network and to spend time out of the office with The CEO Institute is invaluable. I get a huge amount of value out of my membership and enjoy the close camaraderie with other members." - Member, Western Australia

"The CEO Institute provides a professional forum to learn, discuss and exchange ideas. Members often provide a valuable fresh perspective on a range of business issues."
- Member, Victoria

"The CEO Institute has provided me with an opportunity to continue my professional development and remain up-to-date with the latest thinking on the business issues that matter. I have enjoyed the camaraderie, frankness and confidentiality of the Institute." - Member, Queensland

"I have been a participant in CEO Syndicates for many years. In times of high workload or stress I so often say to myself before a meeting “I don’t have time for this”. But after every meeting, without question, my only response is “I can’t afford not to participate”. This is an indication of the intrinsic value that participation in a CEO Syndicate brings." - Member, New South Wales

"Quite simply, the true concept of The CEO Institute meetings provides a unique and wonderful opportunity to mix with a wide range of senior managers in a non-threatening, comfortable environment." - Member, Victoria

"In these times I must be careful who I mix with – and avoid people who talk-up failure. As an Institute member I can surround myself with excellence in a stimulating network of like-minded people who grow and adapt – whatever the economic climate." - Member, New South Wales

"The CEO Institute provides a forum for working on my business rather than in it. Given we are all so busy, it’s very easy to get bogged down with day-to-day business rather than looking over the horizon Through sharing of ideas I often will pick up on a better way to address an issue or solve a problem." - Member, South Australia

"The members of the group are very keen to offer advice and support. The CEO Institute brings together people with a diverse range of experience which they bring to the table and members share a common desire to get results. That there is a sounding board for various issues makes your decision making more robust." - Member, South Australia

"My experience with The CEO Institute has had a profound effect on me. My meetings of The CEO Syndicate program leave me feeling both inspired and motivated." - Member, Western Australia

"As a young business person The CEO Institute plays an invaluable part in my professional and business development. I have the opportunity every month to draw on the collective knowledge and experiences of fellow members who have faced and overcome the challenges I face – or am yet to face – in a young, growing business." - Member, Victoria

"As a CEO Institute member I’ve benefited from the combined business knowledge, experiences our syndicate group has offered and quality guest speakers by attending the meetings. Applying some of these new insights to the business has translated into improved efficiencies resulting in direct financial savings on our bottom line. In a time of uncertainty and tighter fiscal policy, my CEO Institute membership is proving to be a worthwhile investment." - Member, Victoria

"It isn’t easy to carve the time out each month from a pretty intense workload but the payback in terms of creating a collegiate environment to share and solve problems that you cannot discuss with partners, staff and friends has been outstanding." - Member, Victoria

"The CEO Institute has played an instrumental part in my personal and business management development.  It has made me a better leader, and allowed me to build an effective leadership team within my organisation which has not only resulted in the growth of my organisation, but also in attaining a better work life balance. The CEO Institute enables its syndicate members to confidentially discuss their strategic business plans and daily operational issues in a close group forum.  Each month The CEO Institute has me thinking about new concepts and business strategies that can be applied to my organisation and provides me with that small nudge so that I take action." - Member, Victoria

"As a sole director of my company I have found it extremely beneficial to share ideas, issues and knowledge within my Syndicate group. Being able to gain a different perspective on things in an open and confidential forum and hearing some of the inspirational stories that the Syndicate members share has been a great learning experience for me. I have often said it is more beneficial than doing a degree!  I can highly recommend becoming a CEO Institute member." - Member, Victoria

"Originally, I was reluctant to join as I was worried about the time commitment. However, I have found the Syndicate has been excellent due to the strength of input and discussion on business and economic matters. Good chairing and great members, who all seriously try to assist each other, in confidence. What more can I say except that I am now very glad to have been given the opportunity to participate. In business it is great to have some external exposure to other businesses and to be able to share, learn and exchange views." - Member, Victoria

"The CEO Institute has been pivotal in my growth as a leader. I have not only progressed in my career as a direct result of my involvement but also gained partnerships and opportunities for my current organisation. The incredible members and Chair have become true friends and colleagues. I’d recommend this above courses, mentors or hindsight for people looking to be the best they can be.- Future CEO participant from a leading not-for-profit, Victoria

"[The Future CEO program] provides a professional, positive and confidential sounding board in which I can discuss issues important to me, while sharing experiences of my peers from a wide range of industries and companies." - Anthony Goerke, National Marketing Manager, ATAP - Australian Truck & Auto Parts

"As a recently appointed CEO, I can attest to the value of the Future CEO program. Excellent group discussions and consistent, high-quality guest speakers under the guidance of David Gilbert have provided knowledge and insight on wide ranging topics that support my success in professional life." - Pat Moulton, CEO Aus Pits

"The Future CEO group is a key part of my ongoing professional development. Under the chairmanship of Professor David Gilbert, the group provides an opportunity to develop broad leadership skills via workshopping ideas and challenges, engaging with high quality subject matter experts and learning from the group's collective experience. I would highly recommend the group to anyone wishing to further develop their leadership skills and understanding of all aspects of running organisations". - Greg O'Brien, Executive Manager Corporate Services RSPCA Victoria