Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CEO Syndicate Program

What size are the organisations who are involved?

They vary from members who represent organisations that have $2m revenues per annum (the minimum entry point for The CEO Syndicate program) to members whose organisations have annual revenues of several billions.

How are the Chairmen chosen?

Chairmen are carefully selected for their capacity to provide wisdom, leadership and inspiration. They are typically successful business people who have an ongoing range of non-executive business interests. By their nature they are excellent facilitators who are able to lead meeting discussions to ensure outcomes are optimised for members.

How is the meeting agenda set?

The agenda is set by the members in conjunction with the Chairman. Whilst items can and are placed on the agenda circulated prior to meetings, there is plenty of room for discussion of issues brought to meetings by members on the day.

How are the resource speakers chosen?

The CEO Institute does not set a formal curriculum but provides expert resource speakers to address issues or subjects identified as priorities by members. Speakers are carefully selected both for their specialist expertise and for their capacity to add value to the Syndicate program.

Can I trial for one meeting?

No, you must make a commitment to attend a minimum of twelve meetings. The integrity of the program is such that all members make that commitment. In addition, in our view, you cannot fully understand the benefits of membership unless you have been a member for at least twelve months.

What level of disclosure about my business is expected?

Clearly the more you put into the meetings the more you get out of them. However you are only expected to disclose what you are comfortable with. Over time as trust and rapport grows it is likely you will feel comfortable disclosing more about your business and yourself than you did initially.

What if I can't attend a meeting?

If you cannot attend a meeting you should let the Chairman know as far in advance as possible. The Institute also has an 'alternates' provision whereby you can nominate an alternate to attend in your place when you are absent. This is usually a senior executive from your organisation. It is entirely up to you whether or not you nominate an alternate.

How long does a Syndicate group stay together?

Syndicates stay together for years. There are many Syndicates where a majority of the members have been involved in excess of ten years.

Can you change Syndicate groups?

It is recommended that you stay in a Syndicate for at least two years unless, which happens very rarely, there is a clear reason for you to move Syndicates. If you are considering moving Syndicates you are advised to discuss the options with your Chairman or, if this is not appropriate, a Membership Director from the Institute.