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The CEO Syndicate Program

The CEO Syndicate - The CEO Institute

The CEO Syndicate program is an exclusive peer support network for business leaders. It offers experiential learning and mutual group mentoring to help you grow personally and professionally.

Each month, peer group syndicates of about 16 CEOs and senior executives from non-competing organisations meet for half a day of problem solving, knowledge sharing and mutual support through informal discussion. 

This ensures a non-competitive environment of your peers.

After five years of continuous membership, you earn the prestigious right to call yourself a Fellow of The CEO Institute.

The CEO Syndicate | The CEO Institute

"It is a very supportive environment to share business problems - to have a range of perspectives and experience to draw on is invaluable. No issue too big or too small. I always take away useful information and personal advice that supports my development as a manger or helps me consider ways to improve business outcomes. Developing positive networks is also very important to me both personally and professionally." - Member, South Australia

Exclusive ... prestigious ... influential

You can only become a member of The CEO Institute by invitation. 

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True business peers

The CEO Syndicate program puts you in a syndicate with other members who are working at similar size (but non-competitor) organisations. There are three revenue levels:

  • $100M+ (The Centurion Syndicate program)
  • $10M+
  • $2M+

Your group members will typically fit with your industry type, depth of experience, interests and potential to contribute to others' growth

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A meeting of minds

A typical syndicate meeting usually includes:

  • A members' update. This is your chance to talk with your fellow syndicate members about business issues that you are facing

  • An expert speaker. If your syndicate requires some outside expertise to deal with an issue, The CEO Institute will search among the best experts in the field and invite one to meet personally with your syndicate

  • An open forum. This is when you can open up the discussion and focus on issues raised by the expert speaker's presentation or explore any challenges you are facing

Meetings are either hosted by The CEO Institute or held at a member's business premises. 

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The CEO Syndicate program - Enquire Now

The CEO Syndicate program - Enquire Now