Module Overview


Sustaining competitive advantage is about capturing and creating value. Traditionally, the emphasis on capturing value has been maximising resources and profits. Modern theories call for the co-creation or co-production of value by the organisation and stakeholders.

Creating value acknowledges the need to look beyond profits and production lines and focus on relating to and communicating with stakeholders, to determine how to produce outcomes that maximise economic benefits for the company, increase stakeholder satisfaction and improve stakeholder experience.

Creating value therefore poses new opportunities as well as challenges, and requires new ways of relating and deliberating with stakeholders. This module provides the tools and skills necessary to capture and create value. It focusses on strategic thinking that creates a value-based culture and the processes and systems necessary to implement that culture.

The following subject areas are studied in module 2:

  • Marketing
  • Finance Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Business Models
  • Corporate Governance
  • Managerial Economics


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