Module Overview


Change presents us with an unending challenge. Organisations are continually confronted with the need to change structures, strategies, cultures, human resources, products, and services. The proliferation of pervasive mobile technology is reshaping organisational structures, inter-organisational alliances, and ways of managing data.

This module focusses on the processes of articulating and communicating 'the vision' of change, diagnosing change, building the case for change, creating an awareness for change, and examining modes by which interventions are carried out.

This module also deals with the capabilities needed to move forward with change including personal, social, strategic, and learning and reflective capabilities. Significant attention is devoted to the leadership dimension of developing and harnessing capability in support of change and innovation. An important theme running through the entire unit will be the question of rising complexity and the ways in which it might best be handled.

The following subject areas are studied in module 4:

  • Leadership
  • Managing People
  • Marketing
  • Data analysis
  • Business Models
  • Corporate Governance
  • Managing Innovation and Creativity
  • Technology and Connectivity


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