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The CEO Institute’s member referral initiative, CEO get CEO, is a multi-channel referral system, making referrals easy and rewarding, whilst ensuring our high standards relating to membership criteria are being met.

The CEO Institute has a strong commitment to ensuring quality members are introduced, bringing fresh ideas and experiences that enhance the membership experience. In most cases, like attracts like, and you will no doubt already know someone who could benefit.

All Referrers can now quickly and easily complete the online Nomination Form below, and refer people from their networks to share in the many benefits of our membership.

The Referral Bonus - AUD$500

The Referral Bonus | CEO get CEO | The CEO Institute

We value referrals highly, and to acknowledge the important contribution they make to our organisation, The CEO Institute offers a AUD500 referral fee, as a reward to Referrers whose recommendation results in an approved membership of The CEO Syndicate program or the Future CEO program.

Who can be a Referrer?

  • Members
  • Alumni (past Members)
  • Chairmen
  • Advocates (those who recognise the benefits of our membership)

Note: Referrals only apply to people external to the referrer's organisation.

What does providing a referral mean?

  • The Referrer will have spoken to a prospective member about joining The CEO Institute, and obtained their consent to be contacted by a Membership Director
  • The Referee must become a member within 90 days of the referral date

Referrals can be made by any one of the following methods:

  • Completing the below Nomination Form  
  • Completing the appropriate section on the monthly meeting Evaluation Form
  • Contacting our staff at your local office of The CEO Institute
  • Communicating with your Chairman or Membership Director

Referral fees can be redeemed in one of the following ways:

Of course, all referrals will be treated in a totally professional manner, with timely follow-up, and appropriate feed-back to the Referrer.

The CEO Institute is proud to include donations to charities in the new member referral initiative, as another way of supporting the very important work of our many charities.

Through our partnership with UNESCO, we recommend the "Malala Fund for Girls' Right to Education" as our preferred recipient of any donation.

Find out why The CEO Institute has partnered with UNESCO.

So start spreading the word today!

Note: Please refer to our membership eligibility before submitting the Nomination Form. Your information will be treated with strict confidence, as specified in our Privacy Policy.

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