Neil Hatherly

Syndicate 36

Best advice ever received:

If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing properly

Chairman Since:


Current Executive / Board positions:

Chairman, Field Services Group 

Director, UniQuest & Member

Brisbane City Council Audit Committee


Fellow, Australian Institute of Company  Directors (AICD)

Fellow, Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

Fellow, Australian Institute of Management


Neil has been in change management roles since 1970 when he was a cadet in Operations Research at BHP’s Newcastle Steelworks. Every role since then has involved change, be that through developing strategy, using technology, or just a turnaround. MIM moved Neil through several roles, from metal to coal and back to metal mines. 

Neil was one of the youngest appointees to Executive Staff of MIM, a Board sanctioned appointment, and was a partner in a global Consulting Firm. He has consulted to many Boards and CEOs in his consulting career, and as a NED, has been through major changes ranging from an IPO to total restructure of strategy, structure, and staffing.  

He is also a Visiting Fellow to the Smart Transport Research Centre at QUT.