Want to make better decisions, faster?

You're not alone ...

Your decisions are the big ones and the best choice is rarely obvious. 

But who can you speak to in confidence about the best course of action?

You don't have to go it alone. Your peers have been faced with similar challenges in the past - or may even be struggling with them now, just like you.

The collaborative nature of The CEO Institute's regular workshops, breakfast meetings and special events combine to give you confidence in your business decisions, and enable you to act with conviction

Equip yourself to make the most of every opportunity when you swap ideas with fellow members, learn from leading experts and build your networks for business and personal success.

Workshop solutions to challenges you face, looking through the lens of alternative perspectives provided by other CEOs ... and in turn share your wisdom.

Success is easier when you've got the right backing - are you ready to back yourself?

Members of The CEO Institute enjoy:

  • Access to the knowledge and insights of fellow business leaders via regular interaction

  • Solving knotty challenges they face with the help of their peers

  • Improved business performance through exposure to new ways of thinking

  • Reduced levels of stress and feelings of isolation

  • Actually working ON their business instead of IN their business

"Through the partnership with The CEO Institute, UNESCO values its role as a global certification body for Chief Executives and supports the Certified CEO designation, as it represents a tangible example of UNESCO’s approach to Lifelong learning and a contribution to building knowledge-based societies."

Vincent Defourny
Division of Cooperation with Extrabudgetary Funding Sources
Bureau of Strategic Planning

The CEO Institute Chairmen

The CEO Institute Chairmen are carefully selected for their capacity to provide wisdom and leadership. They can help you acquire the knowledge you need to excel in your career ...

Hollway AO






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